Law Office of Henry J. Nunez

Henry J. Nunez is an attorney licensed to practice law in all courts of the State of California and has been practicing law since 2003. Mr. Nunez obtained his J.D. from the University of La Verne College Of Law and his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of La Verne. Mr. Nunez has represented thousands of clients in various areas of the law. These areas include Civil (Real Estate and Debt Collection), Criminal, Bankruptcy and Immigration Law.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Nunez has had at least ten (10) years of experience working in various law firms throughout Southern California as a paralegal and has gained valuable experience in forms and procedure, which makes Mr. Nunez very experienced not only in the substantive part of the law, but also its procedural aspects.

Mr. Nunez is also the only law firm in the United States who has successfully defended an EB-5 applicant from Deportation before the Los Angeles Executive Office of Immigration Review and later on the San Francisco Executive Office of Immigration Review, which resulted in a successful outcome for the EB-5 applicant, by being granted his Permanent Residence Card and eventual path of United States Citizenship for the investor and his family.

The Law Office of Henry J. Nunez has handled some of the most difficult Immigration cases that have resulted in positive outcomes for its clients. In the area of Civil law, Mr. Nunez has an extensive background in Real Estate and Debt collection matters. Having worked for at least 10 years as a paralegal in major Southern California real estate and debt collection firms prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Nunez has obtained invaluable experience that aids him to this day in getting successful results for his clients in the fields of real estate and debt collection defense matters.

In the field of Bankruptcy law (Chapter 7 only), Mr. Nunez has a very different approach; he thoroughly evaluates the client’s case and decides if bankruptcy is indeed a viable solution to the client’s debt/financial matters. More likely than not, Mr. Nunez finds that filing for bankruptcy is not the only solution and that there are other, more efficient ways to deal with the client’s debt problems. Only when all available remedies are exhausted does Attorney Nunez advise a client to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, Mr. Nunez believes in an old Chinese saying: “Do not kill a fly with a canon.”

As a sole practitioner, and probably the most important aspect of the Law Office of Henry J. Nunez that differentiates it from other law firms is the “hands-on” approach that Mr. Nunez devotes to every single file in the office. He personally oversees every case from its inception to the very end and is very receptive to a client’s needs, whether it be meeting with them after office hours, or adjusting certain payments by clients to fit their financial capability.

Lastly, clients appreciate the fact that whenever they need anything, they speak directly with Mr. Nunez and not some secretary or paralegal as is the case with other firms.

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