Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Tustin, CA

Just because someone owes money, this does not mean they have surrendered their rights, and like everyone else, they deserve to be treated with respectful communications and non-threatening interactions. Unfortunately, debt collectors don’t always abide by the rules, something that has become an increasing problem as most people in the U.S. carry debt, and the smallest complication can push many into shaky financial circumstances.

Nonetheless, consumers are legally protected from debt collector abuse and other forms of harassment. This might not stop most debt collectors and other third parties from engaging in these practices, but it does provide avenues for you to assert your rights, stop the harassment, and possibly even have your debts reduced.

This is why experienced debt collection defense attorney Henry J. Nunez works hard to stand up for his clients and help them push back against debt collectors. He wields years of extensive expertise and has assisted countless clients across Tustin, CA. Don’t let debt collectors and other third parties intimidate you or compromise your rights, count on a skilled legal professional such as Henry J. Nunez.

Debt Collector Abuse is Illegal

Federal law is clear on what actions debt collectors and other third parties can and cannot engage in. Forbidden actions and tactics include:

  • Calling your cell phone directly without your consent
  • Contacting you at work without your permission
  • Reaching out to third parties such as employers and acquaintances
  • Publicly sharing your information and debts
  • Calling you during annoying or inconvenient times
  • Accusing you of a crime or making any threats related to criminal charges
  • Repeatedly calling in an attempt to intimidate or harass
  • Threatening asset/property seizure or repossession without legally backing these actions
  • Calling you directly when you have already hired an attorney

Rely On A Reputable Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Henry J. Nunez can match the aggressive approach that debt collectors employ, protect your interests, potentially help you have debt discharged, and lead you towards regaining your life from the claws of collection agencies and other intrusive entities. Want to learn more? Call the Law Office of Henry J. Nunez today to speak with a trusted debt collection defense attorney in Tustin, CA.

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